Wellmark Solar Chemical Injection Pumps

• Compliance with regulatory guidelines and environmental directives.
• Temperature sensor for advanced methanol applications.
• Complete portability and reduced site space requirements.


Wellmark Solar Chemical Injection Pumps are positive displacement pumps that provide an environmentally conscious solution to injecting a line under pressure. Traditionally, in order to inject methanol and alternative chemicals into wells and flow lines, circulation pumps and chemical injection pumps are mechanized by pressurized natural gas at remote locations. As a result of these practices, methane gas is emitted into the atmosphere. Wellmark Solar Chemical Injection Pumps achieve the same goal without compromising environmental directives. 


Choose from small motor-1/17hp, 30rpm and large motor-1/6hp, and 64rpm.Chemical injection pumps are available in a selection of plunger sizes including: 1/4″, 3/8″, or 1/2″. These include a Digimax timer with auto rate and temperature sensor. Solar chemical injection pumps reduce operational costs for  dehydration, compression, and chemical injection applications at oil and gas well sites.



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