Why Do You Need Water Storage Tanks?

 Why Do You Need Water Storage Tanks?


Have you ever been stuck in a rural area before that didn’t have any running water? Alpha Tank and Pump Water Storage Tank Unit is here to help supply rural areas where municipal water supply is not available. Did you know that most people use up to 60 gallons of water at a time? Alpha Tank and Pump Water Storage Tank helps you store more water up to 335 Gallons.

Reasons to have a Water Storage Tank:

  • Farm Irrigation
  • Camping Trip
  • Filling Through for Cattle or Livestock
  • Long-term water storage

Advantages to having a Water Storage Tank Unit:

  • Availability of Water Above Ground
  • Efficient Water Pressure
  • Added Fire Protection to your Home and Property
  • Water availability during power outages

Alpha Tank and Pump offers a wide variety of Water Storage Tanks available in vertical or horizontal.  The tank is made of polyethylene with a standard 1.9 specific gravity.  Our Water Storage Tanks conform to industry standards and are excellent for indoor or outdoor applications. As a result, their easy dimensions allow for accurate, remote monitor readings.

Alpha Tank & Pump’s vertical tanks also boast tie-down slots, so you don’t have to worry about your collateral in severe weather conditions. With attention too, their translucent, seamless design is integrated with registered gallon indicators. The fill aperture allows for consistent and accurate readings. Such as a self-ventilating, splatter-proof lid enables hassle-free handling.

Another key point  Water Storage Tanks in a variety of makes including poly tanks, plastic tanks, and crosslink. Crosslink is a different type of poly, but instead of running parallel. Our vertical tanks are also accessible in comb-bottom and batch tanks.

Water Storage Tank is also available in 2.1 specific gravity. The material will hold up to most water and has a 3-year warranty. The tank bolts down directly to an enclosed containment. The Water Storage Tank Unit is available in 125, 225, and 335-gallon options.

Furthermore, Want to know more about Alpha Tank & Pump’s vertical tanks? Our sales representatives would love to help! Contact us here or call Alpha Tank and Pump at (888) 235-6065.


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