Sidewinder Pneumatic Chemical Injection Pump

• 1/4″ Plunger
• 80:1 Ratio
• Max Pressure: 10,000psi
• Output of 70 qts/day



The Sidewinder Pneumatic Chemical Injection Pump is a high quality metering system. While it is intended for high-pressure chemical injection, it also works perfectly for low-pressure chemical injections, such as Methanol injection. Other uses include corrosion inhibitors, biocides, and more. Sidewinder pneumatic pumps are made from dependable, high quality parts. Sidewinder produces excellent, hassle free pumps. They are easy to transport, and meet your full portability needs. These pumps are also fit for condensed location demands, standing little over a foot tall, and slightly over 7 inches wide. These pumps are also compliant with regulatory guidelines, as well as environmental directives.

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