Chemical Storage Tanks

America’s Leading Chemical Storage Tanks 

Alpha Tank and Pump’s tanks are made of polyethylene with a standard 1.9 particular gravity. The tank is likewise accessible in 2.1 particular gravity. The material will hold up to most chemicals and has a 3 year guarantee. The tank dashes down specifically to an encased regulation intended to get any substance spills. Additionally, keeping untamed life out of the spill bowl. The Armor Tank Unit is accessible in 125, 225, and 335-gallon choices. Alpha Tank and Pump Armor Tank Units are made in the USA and meet industry standard.

Industrial and Commercial Chemical Holding Tanks

With its destructive surroundings, the substance preparing industry has different applications for chemical holding tanks. Such as,  Armor Tank Units utilize chemicals in basically every industry particularly those that include acidic or destructive chemicals. Including, Chemical Holding tanks are particularly appropriate to store: blanch, sodium hydroxide, sodium hydroxide, sulfuric corrosive, hydrochloride corrosive, and additionally other forceful chemicals.

Alpha Tank and Pump produces custom synthetic stockpiling tanks that are:

  • Consumption Resistant
  • Warmth Resistant
  • Fire resistant
  • High Strength to Weight Ratios

Regardless, Alpha Tank and Pump brings world class designing to each extend and offers extraordinary ability to create quality, convoluted ventures at the speed present day industry demands without relinquishing quality or security. We architect and make substance stockpiling tanks in an extensive variety of sizes: 125, 225, 335.

Leading Chemical Storage Tank Manufacturer

Alpha Tank and Pump offers nearby establishment, upkeep, repairs, adjustments and crisis administrations. In conclusion, for more data on concoction stockpiling tank plan and assembling, get in touch with us today!

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